= duplique (франц.) = Duplik (нем.) - второе письменное заявление ответчика, обычно подаваемое в качестве реакции на reply истца.

Glossary of international commercial arbitration. 2013.

(to a reply),

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  • rejoinder — re·join·der /ri jȯin dər/ n [Anglo French, from rejoindre rejoinder to make rejoinder, literally, to join again, meet, from Old French, from re again + joindre to join]: an answer to a reply; specif: the defendant s answer to the plaintiff s… …   Law dictionary

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  • rejoinder — 1. noun A quick response that involves disagreement or is witty; especially an answer to a reply. 2. verb a) To issue a rejoinder. b) To say as a rejoinder …   Wiktionary

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